Jun.14.17 at 10:42 am

Diverse sexualities and gender expressions are very important to both of us creators so of course you can guess that we’re writing our beloved comic Ghost Junk Sickness to reflect that! We’re always trying to be more inclusive and constantly questioning our standards of the genre to help make a better, more realistic feeling story! 

Stay safe and enjoy lots of self love this month (And every month after that too of course)!!

Jun.07.17 at 04:12 pm

It's June 7th and that means it's Ghost Junk Sickness' 3rd year anniversary!!! We're so pleased to be still making this comic, lets have a big hooray for many more years to come! 

Apr.15.17 at 08:03 pm

Thank you everyone who stopped by our table and picked up some merchandise or stayed for a good chat, we were so thrilled to meet you all!! We really had a good time, thank you all for making it awesome!! We're really hoping to start going to bigger conventions next so keep an eye out for any updates!

Apr.10.17 at 08:06 am

This saturday on the 15th we're making our regular appearance at Kingston comic con located at the Invista centre! We've got an entirely new spread and we hope to see some of you there, come say hi if you're in the area! Here's what our table will look like!!


Feb.14.17 at 08:35 am

Happy Valentine's day dear GJS readers! We hope that everyone gets a chance to treat themself on this fine love filled day!

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